The Olympic diver can’t swim!

Tom Daley has made a shocking revelation about his abilities in the swimming pool – he can’t swim!

The Olympic medallist revealed that while he may be a diving champ, he struggles to swim the length of a pool.


Speaking in a video for Volvic Touch Of Fruit on Thursday (16/06/2016), Tom – who has been diving for 15 years – confessed his hidden secret.

‘You might also presume that I love the swimming pool, I spend most of my time in or under the water, so it’s a fair assumption. But here’s my revelation…

‘I’m a terrible swimmer. That’s right, even though I’ve been diving for 15 years, I still think it’s absolutely miraculous that people can stay on top of the water for 50 metre lengths in a pool, let alone people that swim the Channel!


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‘So if you see me in a swimming pool, I’ll probably be struggling.’

And with a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics under his belt, it’s no surprise fans were startled by his confession.

One commented on his Facebook: ‘Never would’ve guessed it was about ur swimming!!’ While another added: ‘The swimming part would have been the last thing I would have guessed.’

Tom is no stranger to making video confessions, as he previously used the platform to open up about his sexuality to fans.