Olympic diver still a normal teen

Tom Daley’s mum finds her boy’s stardom rather strange.

Debbie Daley was shocked when London 2012 diver Tom, 18, became a pin-up boy at a very young age.

I find the fame part of it pretty surreal, to be honest,’ says Debbie, 41.

I think the first time it hit me was when he was named Torso Of The Week in a celebrity magazine and I thought, “Hey, that’s my 15-year-old you’re talking about…”

Then I realised he’d had a six-pack since he was 9 so it was inevitable. I do vet his fan mail but the vast majority is genuine and I think living at home in Plymouth lets him be more low-key than if we were in London and he was on the celebrity circuit.’

The proud mum thinks that Tom, who has been Tweeting with celebrities including Cheryl Cole and The Saturdays’ Mollie King since the start of the Olympic games, is still a normal teenager.

He’s very grounded,’ Debbie tells The Mail On Sunday.

He’s not big-headed or bolshie. If he’s with his mates he’s a typical teenager glued to The X Factor and munching fajitas on the sofa.’

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