Olympic diver wants to win for late father

Tom Daley’s mum believes that losing his dad has made the Olympic swimmer a very ‘grown-up’ teenager.

Rob Daley passed away in May 2011 aged 40 after a battle with brain cancer and Debbie Daley has noticed a difference in 18-year-old Tom’s personality.

Losing his father has made Tom mature faster than ever,’ says Debbie, 41.

He is determined and dedicated and he has reached out to Rob’s memory for inspiration.

Seeing him compete at a home Games was Rob’s heart’s desire, Tom knows that.’

Tom called Rob his best friend, sounding board, taxi driver and biggest champion’ and now Debbie aims to fill her late husband’s supportive role by simply encouraging Olympic star Tom to do his best.

Personally, I have no expectations of my son,’ Debbie tells The Mail On Sunday.

I ask only that he loves what he does. The minute he stops loving it, he must stop doing it.’

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