Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna already have one-year-old son Buzz

Every other human on planet need never to try and put in effort to reveal any kind of big news ever again, because Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna will never be beaten at making amazing, ridiculously adorable and oh-so-great announcements.

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The McBusted and McFly singer has announced the he and his childhood sweetheart, author, and wife Giovanna are expecting their second baby! Congratulations to the cutest family EVER! And they couldn’t have done it in a more brilliant way. Game geeks – prepare yourselves.

After THAT tear-jerking wedding speech video, and their Halloween inspired video where their announced the pregnancy of one-year-old Buzz, the 30-year-old band member and general nice guy Tom has now posted a video on his YouTube channel of the exciting news of another addition to the Fletcher family.

Climbing into the loft, he dusts off a old Sega Megadrive, before settling down for some old-school gaming with son Buzz, up against 30-year-old Gi.

Player One – that’s Buzz – is ready and raring to go, and Gi selects her character of Player Two, which is just a big ol’ question mark.

It pans down to Giovanna’s stomach and the words ‘Player Two Loading’ flash on our screens, and before you know it, we’re weeping at our office desks. Oh no don’t worry – we’ve just got an allergy to ALL THINGS ADORABLE!

The couple are already parents to cutie Buzz, and together, they ma just be the most delightful thing to grace social media – if you haven’t caught Tom’s Instagram posts of duets with Buzz and videos showing him dandelions for the first time, then you’re missing out.
Seriously, they may be robots because no-one can be this picture perfect!

With fellow band member Harry Judd announcing recently that he and wife Izzy were expecting, it’s going to be one, big Mc-Family!

We’re SO happy for them! We better install extra strong heart strings to be tugged at for when there’s going to be videos of Buzz with his sibling,

Amy Lo