How one man become a 'sex icon'

If you’ve ever dared touch the timeline button on Facebook or managed to save the Myspace and Bebo pictures before they were purged from the Earth, you know celebrities’ pain when those terrible, terrible pre-Instagram filter photos are dragged from the depths of Hell. In that time, you feel Tom Hiddleston‘s pain.

Since he hit our screens properly in Thor (2009), he’s developed quite the sexually aggressive fan base, called the Hiddlestoners. They do everything from make gifs, write fan-fiction that you wouldn’t show your gran, and defend their dear star to the death.


But poor Tom wasn’t always the sexual icon who has flings with Taylor Swift (who just broke up with Calvin Harris, the sexiest of all the DJs) and didn’t always feature in gifs that make you very, very uncomfortable.

Tom Hiddleston kneel gif

No, Tom Hiddleston had the unfortunate phase in the 00s where, for the first time in our lives, our mum didn’t dress us and we picked the worst possible outfits. That’s why you look so bad in those pictures. Remember.

Except in Tom’s case, as he was in his 20s.

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So let’s go on a journey through the years of Tom Hiddleston’s amazing transformation from geek to Nerd Chic.