TomKat can't agree on parenting

Katie Holmes may be enjoying her new-found freedom from Tom Cruise, but she’s secretly terrifed that their differing views on parenting could have a negative effect on their six-year-old daughter Suri.

A source reveals: ‘Katie wants Suri to be more respectful of her possessions, while Tom reckons in accordance with the laws of Scientology, she should be allowed to do as she pleases with them.

Katie understands that they both want to spoil Suri during this difficult time and give her lots of attention and love, but she doesn’t want her to become bratty and expect to always get her own way.

‘She and Tom have different ideas about the best way to raise Suri so she’s a polite girl with good manners – and this is a sticking point between them.’

Suri will be spending more time with Tom, 50, over the coming months while Katie, 33, rehearses for her new Broadway play Dead Accounts, which begins in the autumn.

Read more about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in Now Magazine dated 13 August 2012 – out now!


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