Eva Longoria’s hubby reveals that he’s stunned over infidelity allegations

Tony Parker has revealed that he’s still in shock over a French model’s claims that they had an affair.

The allegations circulated over the internet in December and Tony has instructed lawyers to take action.

‘It’s the most bizarre episode in my life,’ says the basketball star, 25. ‘I’ve never hired an attorney in my life, and then all of a sudden, in two weeks, there’s three totally false charges brought out.’

Eva, 32, has stood firmly by her spouse’s side, saying that he’s ‘nothing short of the perfect husband’. She hasn’t, even for a second, doubted her man.

‘What shocked me the most was the wickedness of people,’ admits Tony. ‘Without doubt, I’m going to have to protect myself a little more.’

Desperate Housewives star Eva is rumoured to be pregnant but this tittle-tattle too is untrue, confirms the sportsman.

‘Not for the moment,’ he says. ‘Right now, we’re enjoying the young married life.’

Gemma Stephenson