Blackadder star dates girl who's younger than his kids

Blackadder star Tony Robinson is dating a woman who’s younger than his two children.

The actor and TV presenter, 60, bumped into Louise Hobbs, 25, in a busy restaurant.

‘It was very crowded and there was nowhere to sit,’ says Tony. ‘So I sat at her table and we got chatting. We have actually been going out for about a year now. So it might be a new story for the media, but it’s not paticularly new to us.’

Tony split with Mary Shepheard – his partner of 18 years and mother of children Luke, 27, and Laura, 30, – in 1990.

Louise has now moved into his West London home.

And according to Tony the couple haven’t received any negative comments about their age gap.

‘On the whole we haven’t really,’ he tells the Daily Mail. ‘You never know what people say in the privacy of their own homes ,of course, but we’re just a happy couple.’

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