The Ice Bucket Challenge: who knew throwing a bucket of ice water on your head could be SO disastrous for some?

With everyone and their mother completing The Ice Bucket Challenge there was bound to be a few disasters – but epic fails are actually more common than you think!

We actually feel bad for this girl – she’s so innocent until her boyfriend takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and uses her as the guinea pig for his Ice Bucket PRANK:

This two-year-old Brummie girl took the challenge! So brave but…cover your ears! She starts out so sweet and cute until the ice water reveals a shock outburst:

So… apologies for this next one. Wisdom teeth videos are always funny but when paired with the Ice Bucket Challenge, it becomes a little frightening:

There have been several people who’ve employed the use of a bulldozer to drench themselves. How do you even get access to a bulldozer?! This guy obviously didn’t read the health and safety manual:

If you’re not generation X, Y or Z, understanding viral trends like the Ice Bucket Challenge might be harder to grasp. This poor guy’s mum could have benefited from a dry run!

On the other hand, this kid manages to get through his entire spiel before his mate messes the whole thing up – with hilarious results:

Training your dog to dump the ice water on your head is a nice idea, but this man and best friend duo shouldn’t consider lining up for Britain’s Got Talent anytime soon:

Getting drenched from a great height makes for a more dramatic effect, but not if that means losing brain cells in the process:

This next video reminds us to pick your bucket wisely. For starters, it helps to choose one that you can actually lift:

And finally, this last video’s a slow starter, but just… have patience and the FAIL will reveal itself.

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