In the words of Kanye West, don't be 'too cool for the safe belt', peeps!

TOWIE is nothing if not controversial.

And less than a week into their new series, they’ve found themselves with a new drama, as viewers were concerned that cast member Diags was riding in the passenger seat of a car – without putting his seat belt on!

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Wednesday evening’s edition of the ITVBe reality show saw Diags (real name James Bennewith) accompanying friend Dan Edgar on a drive around Essex after leaving the first signs of a scandal. Newbie and bestie of Megan McKenna, Amber Turner had just been accused of sleeping with Dan… despite having a long-term boyfriend. Eek!

Naturally, the boys wanted to discuss their feelings on the situation, so took to the open road to have some space to discuss in peace.

And it seems as if Diags was so engrossed in what his friend was saying that he seemingly forgot to buckle up:

And eagle-eyed TOWIE viewers were quick to pick up on the faux-pas, taking to Twitter to voice their concern.

‘Did Diags know that he didn’t have a seat belt on when he was in the car with Dan?’ asked one user, while others decided to give him a figurative finger wagging, with one Tweeting: ‘No seat belt for Diags when travelling in Dan’s car… tut tut tut’.

However, alternative camera angles showed that Diags was indeed wearing his seat belt – yet the upper strap was underneath his arm, rather than going above his shoulders – but this still left some viewers unimpressed…

Yikes! We can only hope that Diags has learnt his lesson – safety first, lad!