Fans think there's something ruining the excitement of this...

After plenty of ups and downs in their relationship, TOWIE viewers watched Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent romantically reunite in Sunday night’s Christmas special.

But whilst most fans were thrilled to see the former couple cuddle up following Arg’s declaration of love, many were left baffled by it all for one important reason.


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Gemma, 36, shared a kiss with Arg and left his festive 30th birthday party with him after he gave a speech speaking of how much he cares for her – yet the GC has also started filming Celebs Go Dating where she’ll be looking for romance. Hmmm.

Viewers were quick to share their confusion over this on social media, with many admitting it wasn’t giving them much hope for Gemma and Arg’s future.

‘Spoiler alert : Gemma is on Celebs go dating so I take it her and arg didn’t work out. this whole storyline has dragged on too long #TOWIE,’ one watcher wrote on Twitter, whilst another asked: ‘If Gemma and Arg are together why is she on Celebs Go Dating? #towie’

Meanwhile one added: ‘Everyone rejoicing at Gemma and Arg need to remember she’s on Celebs Go Dating soon #itsnotreal #towie #TowieChristmas’

And just to baffle these confused people even more, Gemma and Arg have been retweeting messages from fans happy to see them get together again.

Not everyone was pleased about it though. Celebs Go Dating’s resident love expert Nadia Essex criticised Arg for being hesitant about declaring his feelings for Gemma and urged GC to move on.

‘Ladies take note. If he’s not sure about you then you HAVE to jog him,’ she tweeted following the show.

‘Don’t do a GC &waste 6 years of feelings on a guy who doesn’t ADORE you. Love Arg but ultimately if he really had love feelings he wouldn’t have to think twice about it @missgemcollins @RealJamesArgent #Towie’

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