Fingers firmly crossed for this one!


With the TOWIE 200th episode on the horizon, the super-fabulous reality show has never been more successful – and there’s only more to come!

With a special documentary, looking at how Essex became a pop culture phenomenon, set to air soon, the only way is up for this show – so who says that a movie can’t be next?

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Since anything is possible, here’s how the TOWIE cast responded when they were asked who would play them in The Only Way is Essex: The Movie – coming (hopefully!) soon to a theatre near you…

Billie Faiers

Jennifer Aniston.’

TOWIE Billie Faiers Jennifer Aniston

Bobby Norris

Ronaldo! If football all goes Pete Tong for him.’

TOWIE Bobby Norris Cristiano Ronaldo

Call us crazy – but is there a bit of a real resemblance between these two?


‘Who is the jokes fat one in Superman? Jonah Hill.’

TOWIE Diags Jonah Hill

Not quite sure if Jonah Hill would approve of that description – but you know, we could definitely see that one!

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Chloe Sims

‘My favourite actress – Julia Roberts.’ 

TOWIE Chloe Sims Julia Roberts

Dan Edgar

Leonardo DiCaprio – he’s a sick actor. Even though he doesn’t really look like me. And then I’d maybe pick Margot Robbie for Kate.’

TOWIE Dan Edgar Leonardo DiCaprio

We reckon someone’s a fan of The Wolf of Wall Street…  

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Danni Armstrong

Scarlett Johansson – she’s a bit curvy, she’s blonde, and she cries a lot! Always cries in her scenes.’

TOWIE Dani Armstrong Scarlett Johansson

Chloe Lewis

‘I’d like Rachel McAdams to play me – I love her. And Tom Hardy for Jake.’

TOWIE Chloe Lewis Rachel McAdams

We could totally see a Chloe/Regina George mash-up in the future! How about Mean Girls UK?

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Tommy Mallett

David Hasselhoff playing me and then Pamela Anderson for Georgia.’

TOWIE Tommy Mallett David Hasselhoff

Two dapper fellas – good shout, Tommy!

And then, when asked who’s the Alpha Male of TOWIE, the Mallett had his fighting talk down: ‘I reckon it’s me. I’m the main man. Pete’s popular, but he’s popular with 70-year-old women. He’s a pretty boy that pouts, I’m proper. I’m rough and ready.’

Ooh-er – we wonder what Pete Wicks would have to say about that!

The TOWIE boys played Snog, Marry, Avoid with us – watch it below!