TOWIE source confirms Jake dated the Hollywood star

Did Jake Hall kiss Lauren Pope? Is Lauren Pope lying about kissing Jake Hall? Will Jake Hall get back with on/off girlfriend Chloe Lewis?

These may be the questions The Only Way Is Essex left us asking ourselves last night after new boy Jake’s current drama stole the show – but it’s what he’s been up to off camera that has really got tongues wagging.

And it involves neither of those two ladies.

Move over Lauren and Chloe, cause Jake’s actually been ‘hooking up’ with Lindsay Lohan for a while now.

Hmm! Yes, as in Hollywood superstar Lindsay Lohan off of Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and that film about the talking car we’ve forget the name of.

According to the Daily Star on Sunday, after being introduced by their mutual pal Vas Morgan ‘Jake and Lindsay’s ex romance has become the talk of Essex after hooking up a few times’ – however, a source close to Jake has since confirmed to us there’s sadly ‘nothing going on now’ after they were seeing each other for a ‘short period of time.’ 

Well, we guess that’s that then.  

Does this mean Lindsay won’t be making a cheeky cameo down Brentwood now it’s actually over before we even knew it had started? Probs not, no.

But we live in hope – especially now she’s made London her home following a successful stint on the West End before Christmas.

The more we think about it, we would actually love to see LiLo off for lunch with Ferne McCannGemma Collins and co.

Let us know what you make of all this, and new boy Jake in general? He’s certainly causing quite the stir on social media, with #JakeLying trending in the UK during last night’s show.

PS: The film about the talking car was Herbie, we’ve just remembered.  

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