The TOWIE star she reveals that she's never had anything cosmetic done to her face...

The TOWIE cast are no strangers to plastic surgery, but Jessica Wright has revealed in a new interview that she’s ‘categorically never had’ lip fillers. Oo-er.

The brunette has been snapped over the years showing fuller looking lips but put the rumours to rest in an interview with where she admitted that the craziest thing she’s ever heard about herself was: ‘That I’ve had fillers. I categorically never have had.’

She continued: ‘Each to their own, however, I would never be someone to overdo it [surgery] or even consider anything.’


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Thirty-year-old Jess had breast implants back in 2011 taking her from a 32C to a 32DD which was documented on the Essex-based reality TV show.

She later admitted that she regretted her decision and was considering having a boob reduction, citing that at the time of her surgery boob jobs were in fashion and now she felt like hers didn’t look very elegant.


Jessica also appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today to celebrate five years of TOWIE (uh huh, FIVE WHOLE YEARS) and said that she can’t watch old episodes of the show because her appearance makes her cringe.

Don’t worry gal, we totally feel ya.

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