Eeek! The Essex star has not held back

TOWIE‘s Mario Falcone has reportedly come to blows with a woman who accused him of cheating on his new fiancé, Becky Miesner in a VERY scathing Instagram message.

The unnamed woman shared a screenshot of a message which seemed to show the star calling her a ‘c***’ and ‘basic b**ch’. Woah!

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According to The Sun Online, the fan was on a night out when a friend borrowed her phone and claimed they needed to tell his fiancé about cheating rumours.

But when she woke up the next morning, she checked her Instagram and found the Essex hunk had replied to the message – and it’s safe to say he wasn’t best pleased.

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‘Yo its Mario…’ he responded from Becky’s account.

‘So who am I apparently cheating with you stupid little c***? Try and s*** stir my relationship I will come for you and everyone you love.

‘That I promise you… you stupid basic b****.

Before adding: ‘You message my fiancee this sort of silly s*** agin, I f****** dare you c***.’

The woman – who is keen to stay anonymous – has also spoken out about receiving the messages telling The Sun Online ‘he seems like such a nice guy on TV’, before adding she was ‘terrified’ when she saw the threats.

‘People need to know what he said because it shows his true colours – the kind of stuff you don’t see on TV when he’s on TOWIE and shows like that.’

Mario has hit back at rumours he cheated on Becky in a BIG way [Instagram]

But while the woman claims it was her pal who sent the messages from her account, a source close to Mario has claimed this isn’t the first time she’s tried to message him.

‘Mario is incredibly upset that this person has directly gone out of their way to message his fiance with the intent to upset her and potentially cause a rift or a split of their relationship with malicious and untrue allegations during a happy time in their lives as they plan their wedding,’ the insider told the publication.

Mario has been the target of untrue and hurtful messages from cruel trolls for years and he is convinced this is not the first time he has received messages from this girl.

Explaining the reason behind Essex star’s reaction, the source added: ‘Unfortunately Mario reacted the way he did because this person then contacted his fiance with the intent to cause further hurt and upset.

‘Mario and his fiancee Becky are very much in love and celebrating their engagement.’

Despite the dramatic messages, Mario and Becky have loads to look forward to and are getting ready for their wedding AND their to return to TOWIE as a couple.