The former TOWIE star is not happy...

Mark Wright has hit out at online trolls who make comments about his and his wife Michelle Keegan’s toned bodies, saying that ‘people haven’t got the right’ to judge them for working hard on how they look.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

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Appearing on his sister Jess Wright’s Girls No Filter podcast, he said: “I posted a picture of us last week and underneath in the comments one of them said, “Michelle, you need to eat”.

‘But she does eat. I see her eat. She works bloody hard to get that body. I see her at the gym running and sweating, so people haven’t got the right to say that.’

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He continued about his own difficulty with trolls, saying he also comes under fire for his body – but explained that he puts in a lot of effort to get his toned physique.

‘I have to defend myself. I’ll post a picture with my top off and someone will say, “Eat some food”,’ he said.

‘Nobody should look down on anybody in this world who wants to train, be slim and look good.

‘I’d rather walk around and people say, “He’s obsessed, he only eats salad leaves, he’s always in the gym”, which is true.”

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Mark also has plenty of supporters, however, as lots of his fans have chimed in to support him and Michelle.

One wrote: ‘Why is it ok to make comments about being thin – you wouldn’t call an overweight person fat! Lovely pic’; while another one said: ‘Don’t know why people have to comment on others appearances let’s be kind.’

We think you both look great, Mark and Michelle!

Words by Caitlin Butler.