Bobby Norris is the bridesmaid, natch...

The white lace wedding gown, the palace, the horse-drawn carriage…you would be forgiven for thinking these photos were stills from the Royal Wedding back in 2011. But take a closer look – it’s actually the cast of TOWIE celebrating Nanny Pat’s Royal Wedding-themed 80th birthday party at Addington Palace in Croydon.

The TOWIE cast mean business when it comes to dressing up, and this regal bash was no different. Danielle Armstrong wore a gorgeous wedding dress which was JUST like Kate Middleton’s, Jake Hall got spruced up in full military garb and Nanny Pat – naturally – was transformed into the Queen in a crown and Chanel-esque tweed outfit. Because obvs she’s the queen of TOWIE, already!


Bobby Norris stepped in for bridesmaid, holding up Danielle’s train as she crossed the palace driveway, while Chloe Sims wowed in a red satin Kate Middleton-inspired dress with a full midi skirt. Jessica Wright wore a black dress with a sexy slit and a furry shawl, complete with tiara and elbow-length gloves. SO glam!

Meanwhile, Nanny Pat was getting the royal treatment as she rode around in her horse-drawn carriage and walked down a red carpet, while everyone waved British flags with a photo of Pat’s face on it and spoiled her with elaborate gifts covered in Nanny Pat-adorned wrapping paper. We’re unsure about the party nosh, but we’re hoping it included some of her favourite sausage plaits.

We hope Nanny Pat, whose wisdom and love of tea make her just like the real Queen, was made to feel super-special on her birthday!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter