After rumours of a split from fiancee Marnie Simpson, it doesn't seem like poor Ricky Rayment is having a great week

First there’s rumours that he’s ended it with Marnie Simpson, now it’s reported he’s been arrested for ABH – poor Ricky Rayment – he’s not having the best week so far, is he?

According to the Mirror, the former TOWIE star claims he was attacked by five men outside a nightclub – but ended up being arrested for assault himself.

Ricky is telling pals he was set upon by a gang of guys after he did a personal appearance at a Brighton nightclub on Saturday.

But when police arrived, he was the one arrested ‘on suspicion of actual bodily harm’ and thrown in the back of the van.

Then his alleged ‘victim’ refused to give police a statement and Ricky, 25, was ‘de-arrested’.

But a friend says poor Ricky was the victim all along.

A mate of the Essex star told the Mirror: ‘Ricky was left shaken after being set upon in a random attack.’

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A Sussex Police spokesman said: ‘A 25-year-old man from Chigwell in Essex was arrested on suspicion of actual bodily harm following a fight with another man.

‘Police officers on patrol were alerted to the fight around 2.25am.

‘As the situation calmed, the victim of the assault declined to provide a statement and the man was de-arrested. He left the area immediately’

So far, Ricky is yet to respond to the reports but we’re glad to hear that he didn’t get hurt in the ruckus!

This all comes just days after Ricky had supposedly ended it with fiancee and Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson.

Sources tell Now that the pair are definitely over.

Ricky, who proposed to Marnie, 23, after just six months of dating, was supposedly annoyed about her being spotted out with a male pal recently and it caused a number of rows.

Speaking about his relationship with Marnie, he has previously said: ‘When you find the right person, it’s a totally different feeling. I’m filled up with happiness now.’

We’re sad to hear that isn’t the case anymore!

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Lydia Southern