TOWIE star Danielle admits 'It could have been me' and reckons she and boyfriend James Lock are CURSED

Heartbroken Danielle Armstrong admits it’s hard to be around TOWIE co-star Dan Osborne and his pregnant girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa since she suffered a devastating miscarriage.

Asked if it was difficult seeing the love-up pair during her exclusive interview with Now she admitted: ‘Yeah. After I found out I’d lost the baby, I went to get my nails done and my nail lady, who is one of my best friends, said: “I’ve got some exciting news – I’m pregnant!”

‘We’d have been the same weeks pregnant. I just burst into tears. That’s when I knew it had hit me hard. I’ll be watching her amazing journey but deep down, I’ll be thinking: “It could have been me.” It will be difficult.’

In the most heartbreaking scenes ever seen on TOWIE last week, Danielle revealed she’d had a miscarriage two weeks before flying out to film The Only Way Is Ibiza.

On the pill and preparing for 10 days of partying with boyfriend James Lock, 27, Danielle, 26, had no idea she was eight weeks pregnant and about to suffer a miscarriage.

Danielle said: ‘I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t having fun. I was so tired, sick and emotionally drained. I couldn’t even go in the water for risk of infection and because I was still bleeding.’

After telling Chloe Sims on the show that James was a bad boyfriend for failing to stay with her after the tragedy is there a future for the couple?

She shared: ‘We still haven’t discussed the reasons why he wasn’t there for me. I hope it works. He’s my best friend. We have days when we’re good and a bit closer and then days when we’re back to square one. It’s hard…

‘We’ve been together for over a year but we’ve been through so much and now we’ve had a miscarriage. I feel like someone is up there cursing it. It is hell.’

But it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel for the pair and Danielle is feeling optimistic about their relationship.

The reality favourite added: ‘After realising other couples have gone through the exact same thing as us, I feel like I’m willing to work on it, whereas before I hated him.

‘I’ve always wanted children. I thought I was ill for all those weeks and was a miserable bitch. If I’d known I was pregnant, I would’ve embraced it.’

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