Lydia Bright's mum Debbie embraced Now's nomination to do the Ice Bucket Challenge after we nominated James 'Arg' Argent

And they keep on coming! TOWIE‘s Lydia Bright‘s mum Debbie Douglas couldn’t wait to get involved in Now’s Ice Bucket Challenge.

This week Now magazine took the Ice Bucket Challenge and we immediately nominated James ‘Arg’ Argent who made the best Ice Bucket Challenge we’ve ever seen, complete with BACKING DANCERS. Shuuuuutup!

The TOWIE star dressed up in a suit and attracted an audience of passers-by in London’s busy Leicester Square, where he was appearing at the opening of a new Bella Italia restaurant, to take on the chilling challenge.

He even managed to call in some favours from a few unsuspecting street dancers to glam up proceedings!

After a good old soaking (yeah, that suit is going to have to go to the dry cleaners now) and a lot of nervous laughter, Arg nominated on-off girlfriend Lydia Bright, her mum Debbie and mate Diags, all from TOWIE.

And Debbie took on the challenge on the beach on her family holiday, nominating Lucy Mecklenburgh, Mark Wright‘s mum Carol Wright and Nanny Pat. So come on guys, you’ve got to do it now!

Debbie is the fourth TOWIE star to agree to take on Now‘s challenge to be dunked in ice cold water for our chosen charity Greenfingers, following in the soaking wet footsteps of Grace Andrews, Arg and Ferne McCann.

Greenfingers is a charity that creates beautiful gardens for hospices around the UK for patients, families and friends to enjoy.

But top marks must go to Grace Andrews who was the first TOWIE cast member to react to our shout out.

She was moved by Greenfingers‘ amazing work when she volunteered to help us out at Little Havens children’s hospice in Essex earlier this month, where we helped build a special garden for the children there.

In her Ice Bucket Challenge video she even wears the Now volunteer t-shirt she wore on the day she joined us to paint and plant trees for the kids to enjoy.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the social media and showbiz worlds by storm, after a tidal wave of celebs (sorry) have participated in the challenge and uploaded their videos onto social media.

The craze started in America to raise money and awareness for ALS, a rare neurological disorder.

Everyone from Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift, to Simon Cowell and David Beckham, have now taken the challenge. So far, around $31.5 million has been raised.

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