TOWIE star showcases her incredible weight loss to Now and opens up about the dark side of fame

Gemma Collins is never far from controversy. Whether she’s getting into one of her infamous diva strops on TOWIE or making headlines for sensationally quitting I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here after spending just six days in the jungle, the 34-year-old star has faced her fair share of criticism, for her behavior – and her weight.

Now though Gemma is set on turning her life around, addressing what made her so unhappy and the reasons for her weight gain, resulting in an incredible two stone weight loss since leaving the jungle in November, which she reveals for the first time to Now in an exclusive photo shoot – check out the behind the scenes video above!  

Dropping from a size 20 to 16-14 told us that her time in the jungle made her realise how unhappy she was.

‘It’s all about finding myself again,’ she tells us. ‘I realised that if I could go six days without eating, then I didn’t need food and I wasn’t emotionally dependent on it. I’d let myself get out of control – I was eating more and more. I was past a size 20 and I wasn’t losing weight.’

Your relationships with Rami Hawash and Alex Moss broke down. Why do you think that is?

‘I think because I’ve been so low since I’ve got big on TOWIE, I’ve attracted the wrong types. Rami called me on the day before I went into the jungle asking to get back together and wanting to give me my engagement ring back. I said: “No thanks.” With Alex, I went out with him for years and I’ve always been in love with him. My plan was to marry him and have a baby. I know he has a criminal record, but I believe in giving people a second chance. I still love him – it’s just he has problems he needs to sort out. My only regret is how it ended. He hurt me deeply and it’ll take a long time to get over it.’

Do you feel fame’s hurt you?

‘Definitely. I know people think it’s a great thing to become a celebrity, but you can end up very hurt, very confused and very lost. A few weeks ago, I’d had a really great day and I sat down to watch Celebrity Big Brother, and Katie Hopkins was telling Nadia Sawalha she hated fat people like Gemma Collins. I burst into tears. I can’t believe someone awful like her can ruin my day like that. but that’s what happens. Being famous doesn’t make things not hurt.’

Read Gemma Collins‘ full interview in this week’s Now magazine dated 16 February 2015 – download the digital edition now!

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