Gemma Collins goes TMI on TOWIE and says her vagina now looks like something from a movie

Just when we thought Gemma Collins couldn’t surprise us any more, she went and dropped a bombshell – about her lady parts.

Lying on a waxing table with her legs akimbo during Sunday night’s TOWIE, Gemma confessed to BFF Bobby Norris:

‘I actually pride myself. I’m mega confident now because I know I’ve got a designer vagina. I’ve not told you this, but I paid two thousand pound and my vagina is perfect now… It looks like something you’d see on a movie.’

What movie, Gemma? WHAT MOVIE?!

In classic TOWIE fashion, Bobs’ response, as he stared at Gemma’s bits, did not disappoint: ‘I mean, that is two grand well spent. I’d rather have a la la like that than a cheeky trip to Marbs.’

Gemma, 34, undergone a transformation since joining the ITVBe show. As well as dying her hair blonder and shedding the pounds through diets and exercise, Gemma also last night admitted she has had non-surgical 3D Lipo:

‘I had a twice weekly session of 3D Lipo for eight weeks… There’s a machine that goes over your body and freezes the fat. You go back and there’s a laser machine that sort of melts the fat.’

But now we know that Gemma has undergone another type of surgery, having revealed all about her ‘designer vagina’ on Sunday’s episode of TOWIE.

One form of ‘cosmetic gynaecology’ is the Labiaplasty Procedure, which removes and/or reshapes bits of your, erm, bits and has been increasingly popular in recent years. Could this be the procedure Gemma has undergone?

Sunday’s TOWIE brought other shocks, including Mario Falcone‘s decision to stop the flirting with newbie Chloe Lewis; Chloe’s own choice to move on from her messy break-up with ex-boyfriend Jake Hall; and Georgia Kousoulou confronting Diags about the Tommy Mallet rumours, saying ‘You’ve made my life hell!’

They sure know how to shock us in Essex. #Dramz

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