Gemma Collins tells all about how she went from a size 22 to an 18 and lost 3 1/2 stone in just three months

Gemma Collins has always rocked her curves, even launching a successful plus size clothes range. Then last year, something changed. Gone was the happy, bubbly blonde; instead, we saw her start to unravel before our eyes, frequently sobbing on screen.

But what a difference a few months can make. Here, in her most candid interview ever, Gemma, 34, tells Now why she’s finally beaten her diet demons and is happier than ever…

Gemma, it looks like you’ve lost a lot of weight.

Yeah. I’ve gone from a size 22 to an 18. I had a bit of 3D Lipo and saw a hypnotist called Robert Hisee, who put a hypno gastric band in me! Now I have four mouthfuls of food and can’t eat any more. I feel like I can’t breathe I’m so full. Whatever he’s done, it’s bloody worked. For the first
time, I don’t wake up wondering what I’ll eat that day. I’m petrified this feeling will wear off as it’s too good to be true.

Were you scared?

No. You’re not put to sleep. I was fully aware of what was going on. He said: “Think back to a time where you were really happy.” I thought of when I was younger and never used to think about food. I only ate if I was hungry. Over the years, it became a bit of an addiction with me.

How do you feel?

Like a million dollars. I’ve never felt better. I’ve got my self-worth back now and I feel like a proud new woman. I’m looking forward to living my life.

Were there moments you didn’t want to live?

Oh, I was just sick of being hounded about my weight all the time. But I’ll have the last laugh. I’m sure there will be people who go: “I preferred her when she was bigger.” You can never win.

Are you exercising, too?

Yes. It’s bizarre, but since I’ve had the therapy I see a personal trainer every day. It’s changed my life. I’ve even bought a Power Plate! I don’t go out boozing any more either.

What’s your goal?

I’ll keep going until I’m a size 14. That’s my dream and hopefully… well, not hopefully, I’m going to do it! I’ve wanted this for so long and I’m almost there.

What made you want to see the hypnotist?

It was when I stopped filming TOWIE last month. I’d lost a bit of weight with 3D Lipo, but we all put on weight filming. There’s a lot of sitting around, eating crisps.I wanted to do something positive. My weight loss made me want to become healthier. I’ve also seen the health of my mum [Joan] deteriorate ­ she’s had a knee op and is in a wheelchair at the moment. It scares me about my future. I have to get my weight down or I’ll end up in a wheelchair, too.

Have you changed the way you dress now?

Yeah. I’m quite confident anyway, but as you lose weight you can wear different stuff. I’m going to Mexico with the girls in a couple of weeks and I’m taking my trainer. We’ll train every day.

Your ex Arg has lost weight, too. Was he an inspiration?

Yeah. I kept asking Arg: “Tell me how you’ve done it,” and he just said: “I’m happy in my life now.” I understand now. He was unhappy before and food was his crutch. It was the same with me..

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Amy Brookbanks