TOWIE newbie Jake Hall lets rip on his on-off girlfriend Chloe, kissing Lauren Pope and dating Lindsay Lohan


The moment Jake Hall, 24, appeared on our TV screens, TOWIE fans let out a collective: ‘Hellooo!’

He’s a model turned fashion designer, complete with pearly whites, cheekbones you could grate cheese on and an Essex swagger. But he’s not without some baggage – his on-off girlfriend
of six years Chloe Lewis, 24, has joined him on the show and he’s desperate to win her back…

Jake, you’ve already brought loads of drama to the show…
It’s been fun. I hate boring!

So how did you first get together with Chloe?
I used to see her all the time and tell my mates she looked unreal. I tried to get her sister’s boyfriend to set me up, but she wasn’t that interested. So I just got in the back of her cab and we went to a club afterwards. I kind of pushed my way in. I love the chase!

How would you describe your relationship?
When it’s good it’s really, really good, but when it’s bad it’s terrible. When we’re together you can
tell we really love each other. At the moment, the trust is gone.

Did you ever cheat on her?
[Pauses] No.

Was she faithful to you?
I like to think so.

Will you get back together?
I’d love to give it a go. I think I need to woo her a little bit. But I love a challenge.

Wouldn’t you worry about the ‘curse of TOWIE’ if you did?
I could break the curse.

So is Chloe ‘the one’?
She could be. I wouldn’t keep trying to get her back if she wasn’t.

So why did you kiss Lauren Pope?
[Laughs nervously] Well, I was trying with Chloe, but she said she needed space, so my head
was spinning. Lauren’s beautiful and a genuinely lovely person, but I jumped in a bit too soon.

Ferne McCann ‘s trying to set Chloe up with Mario Falcone now…
I don’t know what Ferne’s problem is. Everything comes back to trying to get at me, but it doesn’t faze me.

Is it true you don’t get on with Ricky Rayment?
Yeah, we had a bit of a row years ago. I can’t even remember why.

Is it true you’ve dated Lindsay Lohan?
Umm… we’re just friends. I’ve been out with her a lot. We met through Vas [Morgan]. She’s
a fun girl – a nice person.

Hmm… will she be on TOWIE?
That would be interesting. I’ll try, but I don’t know if she’d want to go from movie premieres to TOWIE.