In her new book Sam Faiers admits to 'taking things too far' when she exercised 'obsessively' and often wouldn't eat

In her new book published this week, ex-TOWIE star Sam Faiers has talked at length about her tumultuous on-off relationship with fellow co-star Joey Essex.

But that’s not all she has revealed in the brilliantly revealing book. Sam, who famously suffers from Crohn’s disease, was so distraught about Joey’s very public I’m a Celebrity jungle romance with model Amy Willerton, it caused her to exercise and calorie-count obsessively before she was diagnosed – dropping to her lowest ever weight of six stone.

In her book, Secrets and lies; The truth behind the headlines, Sam says:

‘I was at breaking point over the Joey jungle stuff and my family were desperately worried for me.

‘I tried to control my hurt by controlling my weight and I fell into a spiral of exhausting obsession.’

Sam goes on to explain how she ‘distracted’ herself with exercise, adding: ‘Every day I worked out and pushed myself to the max, whilst consuming as few calories as was humanly possible.’

She started counting calories for everything I wanted to eat but, more often than not, then wouldn’t eat at all.

‘I was thin, moody, sleep-deprived and lurching from one low to the next,’ says Sam. The pressure of appearing on Celebrity Big Brother only added to the stress.

‘I became obsessed with how I would look on camera. My view of myself became distorted and I didn’t like what I saw. I never made myself sick but I did starve my body of what it needed.’

It was during her stint on CBB that Sam fell seriously ill. At the time neither she nor the viewers at home knew what was wrong with her, only that she was a much quieter and withdrawn Sam we were used to seeing on TOWIE.

Two weeks after leaving the CBB house, still drastically underweight and feeling sicker and more exhausted than ever before, Sam was diagnosed with Chron’s. She’s credited the disease for giving her the wakeup call she needed and started looking after her body, working out and eating the healthy way.

And may we say, Sam, you’ve never looked better!

Secrets and Lies: The truth behind the headlines by Sam Faiers is available in hardback (£14.99), Penguin 

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