Sam Smith enjoyed secret hook-ups with TOWIE’s Charlie King

One is global superstar and multi-award winning singer and the other is best-known for his part on a dramz-filled reality show.

Yes, the news that Sam Smith and former TOWIE star Charlie King shared secret dates has blown our showbiz minds.

According to The Sun on Sunday, the pair hooked up after Charlie Tweeted Sam 11 TIMES, gushing about how ‘incredible’ he thought the singer was. No argument from us there! In another Tweet in February, Charlie says: ‘Sam Smith…What a voice #goosebumps’.

Charlie has been a fan of the singer for at least two years and first started Tweeting about his admiration back in 2013. But it was only earlier this year that the two actually hooked up. According to the newspaper, the pair wanted to keep their secret dates on the down-low, meeting up in off-the-radar pubs in London and Sam’s apartment so no one would find out.

A source said: ‘Sam and Charlie don’t mix in the same circles so the only way they could meet was through social media. The pair went out together a number of times but always had to make sure they weren’t spotted.’

But this is not the first time Sam Smith has hung out with a TOWIE star. After some social media Sherlocking, we’ve discovered a mysterious tweet from 23 April 2012 where Sam Smith talks about a ‘mad night’ with ‘Harry from Towie’. We can only assume he is talking about Harry Derbidge. Sadly, when you click on the link to the image, it is no longer available. Our imagination is currently running wild with what crazy antics were on that picture…

But, back to Charlie…before you start envisioning a TOWIE wedding to rival that of Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, the romance fizzled out before it even started. We know. We’re gutted too.

‘The pair hung out to see if they were compatible’, explains the source in The Sun on Sunday. ‘Friends have said nothing romantic happened because they decided they were better off as friends. They enjoyed each other’s company as both are quite deep individuals. They deliberately never took any pictures together because they wanted to keep it under wraps. Sam’s schedule is incredibly hectic so their dates were very sporadic. They mutually decided in May that it wasn’t going to work,’

Noooo! Still, perhaps the thought of hanging out with Gemma Collins was too much for the Stay With Me singer. Charlie dated gobby Gemma before he came out on This Morning last year. And, frankly, that’s a love triangle that would terrify most potential partners.

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