After changing her attitude towards men and fashion, Lauren Pope is a new woman

Lauren Pope might come across as confident and carefree on screen in TOWIE but she admits that worrying about turning 30 nearly broke her.

The DJ and former glamour model was terrified as the milestone day drew near in 2012 and it sounds like she was in a very dark place.

‘It was a big thing for me,’ says Lauren, who’s now 32. ‘As it approached, I had a bit of a mini-breakdown.

‘I was so depressed. I was a miserable bitch!’

Lauren‘s anxiety about the big 3-0 was made worse by her concerns over being single and childless.

‘All these things go through your head – should I be married by now?’ she explains. ‘Should I have a family and kids? And obviously I wasn’t and didn’t.’

Fortunately the reality star discovered that the dreaded birthday wasn’t as bad as she’d feared. She admits: ‘Once it was out the way… It was like a big sigh of relief.

‘Ever since, I’ve probably been the happiest I ever have [been]. I don’t give a s**t any more.’

A lot of things have definitely changed for Lauren now that she’s in her 30s. The blonde star takes a very different approach to fashion and men these days, having ditched her skimpy outfits for a more refined style.

‘I don’t think I had any fashion sense,’ she says. ‘I dressed for attention. I dressed for men.

‘I’d go and buy the tightest, most revealing outfits and they weren’t flattering at all. I was wearing what I thought made me confident, but the reality was probably the opposite.’

Nowadays Lauren is a bit of a style icon and actually prefers getting compliments from girls rather than boys.

‘I get more of a kick from women saying they like how I look than I do from guys now,’ the fashionista told Fabulous Magazine.

‘When I DJ, it used to be guys hanging around the booth. These days, it’s all girls.

‘I do meet-and-greets [after gigs]and the queue is just full of girls. Maybe the way I used to dress was intimidating to other women.’

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