Tommy Mallet has revealed he lost an massive TWO stone before filming the current series of TOWIE.

The reality star revealed a trip to a quick trip to a juice retreat during a break in filming has allowed him to return with the amazing results.

Speaking with co-star Jon Clark, Tommy said: ‘We went to Mexico, it was beautiful. It was just a chilled out thing, I didn’t really drink out there I just took it easy.


‘I’ve lost two stone. I’m still fat but I’m getting there. I’ve been training and doing a bit of running. I’m trying to look like Jon!’

He added: ‘I went to juice camp during the break as well. I’ve never had vegetables in my life. Never eaten them. Never ate fruit.

Smashing the gym helps... [REX/Shutterstock]

Smashing the gym helps… [REX/Shutterstock]

‘So I’ve gone to this juice camp in Portugal and I’m drinking 3 juices a day and that’s it! I lost a stone there.’

We were never allowed to leave the table without finishing our veg and we don’t look this good. So that’s what is missing – a juice retreat!

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And the boys have all been showing off the results of their hardwork as they marched through the streets of Magaluf, where the series is being filmed. Though while the others are all marching along, Tommy’s on a Scooter.

Must be a cheat day…

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