TOWIE star Joey Essex and Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews appear at 'Milk Tray Bootcamp' in a new video - and Barry from EastEnders also makes an appearance!

Made In Chelsea and TOWIE‘s leading hotties have gone head to head in a bid to become the new Milk Tray Man in a hilarious new video.

Chelsea chap Spencer Matthews and Essex boy Joey Essex appear in a new video from Cadbury showing the stars being put through their paces at the rigorous Milk Tray Bootcamp.

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They’re joined in the battle by the likes of rugby hunk Thom Evans, footballer Robbie Savage – and even Barry from EastEnders!


Supervised by outgoing Milk Tray Man James Coombes, the stars are seen wearing head-to-toe black, including the character’s distinctive roll neck jumper – although Joey jazzes up his look with a pair of bright red cowboy boots. Oh, Joey!

The wannabe Milk Tray men (and women – hi, Denise Lewis!) then set about completing a number of trials in their bid to be named Cadbury’s new hero, including a body scan that sees Thom score highly and even receive a ‘nice’ from James. No surprises there, then.

It’s at that point that Spenny comes onto the scene – and he doesn’t appear to impress by gabbing loudly on his mobile and his over-confident ways. Again – no surprises there, then.

At one point, the cocky MIC star asks: ‘Am I going to be delivering to all women? Because I’ve got a bit of history with a lot of them, and I’m not sure chocolate’s going to cut it.’

‘Spence, I hear what you’re saying,’ James replies, adding: ‘I hope one day you will too.’


Meanwhile, the ‘bedroom window’ challenge leaves poor old Barry from EastEnders (Shaun Williamson IRL) in tears after he struggles to climb the wall up to a mystery woman’s bedroom.


‘You can’t ask more of yourself,’ lovely Thom tells him as Barry – sorry, Shaun! – sobs into his shoulder.

By the end of the video, it’s clear that none of the celebs have met the high requirements needed to become the Milk Tray Man – and, it’s revealed, the search continues…

Check out the hilarious video below!