Yazmin claims Danielle was escorted out of the venue for her behaviour

No show delivers true life, off-screen shade and drama like TOWIE does – and it doesn’t even need to involve current cast members!

Last week, fans of the ITVBe scripted reality show were shocked at the revelation that newbie and girlfriend of James ‘Lockie’ LockYasmin Oukhellou, had a blazing row with his ex-girlfriend Danielle Armstrong at a restaurant – leading to them being pulled apart by security.

And now, Yaz has given her version of events – and it seems as if this rivalry with Dani won’t be dying down any time soon…

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Reports emerged on Friday (7th April) claiming that a fight broke out between the ladies at TOWIE hotspot Sheesh, despite Yazmin’s apparent attempts to keep her distance from her.

‘I went to the toilet and as I came back, she was trying to edge near out table and she elbowed me in the ribs,’ Yaz, 23, claims. ‘So I said, “Dan, what’s the problem?” Then she went off on one, and I called her some not-very-nice names….

‘She was like, “James loves me, and he loved me for for years.’ I said, “I feel sorry for you, and I feel sorry for your boyfriend.”‘

James and Yazmin in Amsterdam, March 2017 (Photo by Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock)

Danielle, 28, and Lockie ended their relationship for good in August 2016, and she’s since moved on with former Millwall footballer Daniel Spiller. Yazmin began dating James in December 2016 – and in her eyes, Danielle is still getting over the relationship; she has her doubts about the depth of Dani’s new romance:

‘Well, she’s obviously not in love with him, like she makes out on Snapchat with her ridiculous filters. I’ve never seen a girl my age behave like that, let alone a woman her age.

‘It was embarrassing to say the least. After [the row], she got escorted out.’

Continuing her account to Reveal, Yazmin claimed that Lockie was not impressed with his ex’s behaviour: ‘James just thinks she’s embarrassing – he didn’t get involved, because I can hold my own. I think Dani thought I’d back down, but that’s not my style. I think now she’s learnt her lesson and she’ll stay away.

‘If she’s going to try and mug me, I’ll mug her 10 times worse. I had the last laugh.’

Yikes – Danielle, consider yourself warned…