Sending TOWIE's Danni lots of love!

Holidays are usually a time for far too many cocktails and sandy toes- possibly the two best things in life.

When you’re a member of the TOWIE gang, however, things are often a *little* bit more dramatic. Which isn’t surprising, considering THIS happened during Sunday’s episode…

So, it’s usually in the TOWIE holiday brochure that a lil’ drama will be involved in a get-away.

However, the lovey Danielle Armstrong has revealed that she spent the ENTIRE duration of her Majorca trip in tears- which is no fun at all!

The Essex beauty shared that during her time in Majorca, she suffered a ‘breakdown’ due to body insecurities. Which is something we very much do not like to hear.

Talking to New!, 28-year-old Danielle shared she ‘couldn’t stop crying’ over online trolls posting cruel things about her appearance- which is not only utterly mean, but also utterly incorrect!

Danielle shares, ‘there was a day when I had a breakdown and didn’t stop crying. It’s so hard when people are writing nasty comments’.

Danni continues, ‘It’s a lot of harder now there are younger girls on the show, I’m one of the older ones now. I’m not going to have the same body I had when I was 21’.

However, we strongly beg to differ- one look at Danni’s Instagram is probably enough to send us reeling for the treadmill. Like, c’mon! How incred?!

Loved this style bikini from @modemwah 👙🍑#filming #towie #modemwahstyle #bikini #beachhair #tan #bootyyy

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And we certainly aren’t the only ones who think Danni‘s body is AMAZE, with messages from fans reading ‘You look stunning’, ‘Dayummmmn girl’ and ‘My actual girl crush’. 

Agreed, people of Instagram, very much agreed.

Alice Perry