Diags Bennewith says co-star Gemma Collins needs to step up her ice staking to stay in Dancing on Ice.

Ahead of Dancing On Ice this weekend, when Gemma Collins will face the music to skate again, her co-star Diags Bennewith has told her to go all out to impress judges and viewers with her skating.

The 37-year-old came under fire last weekend from judge Jason Gardiner who criticised her performance, leading Gemma to blast him: ‘Don’t sell stories on me!’ – and his ‘fat shaming’ comments prompted 83 complaints to Ofcom.

Speaking to CelebsNow at the Tresor Paris box at the National Television Awards this week, her TOWIE co-star Diags told us she needs to: ‘Skate more. I’m pretty sure she can skate, do some spins and see what you can do and if you do fall down it doesn’t matter.’

Diags, who is good friends with Gemma’s boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent, revealed his pal always calls him after the show.

‘Arg always rings me and asks, “how do you think she’s doing?”, I give my honest opinion,’ said Diags.

So, what did he really make of all the drama?

‘I think Gemma’s been given a hard time but don’t get me wrong,’ he said.

‘When they signed her to the show they knew what she was like so don’t pretend you’re surprised how she is. They want that,’ said Diags.

But he jumped to Gemma’s defence against Jason, 37, who is reportedly seeking legal action against the GC after their TV bust-up, which comes after he branded her ‘lazy’ in an interview.

‘I don’t think selling a story on someone is a nice thing to do,’ he said.

‘Especially when they’re nervous about it anyway, they’re not a great skater and they’re going to get some stick about the lifting. You know what he’s digging at and they want that for ratings but if her skating is bad, tell her it’s bad but don’t go and say a load of other stuff about her. You’re a judge on a show – just judge it.’