We caught up with the one and only Gemma Collins in the Marbella sunshine to discuss love, weight and P Diddy

Having lost three stone due to Robert Hisee’s Hypno Gastric band (a bit like a gastric band, but hypnotised in), Gemma Collins has been showing off her new size 18 figure and certainly looks like the ‘million dollars’ she says her weight loss has made her feel!

And what better time than now for the one and only GC to hit up Marbs!

We caught up with the blonde bombshell in the sunshine to discuss Chloe Sims’ uncle Peter, her weight loss and a future career pulling pints in EastEnders’ Queen Vic. Love it!

Are you glad to be back in Marbs?

GC: It brings back so many happy memories. This time I feel one million percent body confident. I’m going to show everyone what the GC is about.

Are you happy with your body now?

G: I’d definitely like to get to a size 16, but there’s no rush. I haven’t had a boob job, botox or anything done.

What will you get up to in Marbs?

G: I’m going to be partying every night and I won’t stop until I buy myself a yacht! I’m living it up P Diddy-style!

Any time left for romance?

G: I’m getting more attention than any of the girls ­ I’m on fire! I’m also meeting up with Chloe‘s uncle Peter while I’m here. He’s a bit older and is a big time boxer who’ll treat me like a princess. I’m over bad boys. My heart’s been smashed, trashed and ripped apart too many times. I want someone who values and respects me.

Sounds like things could get serious…

G: He asked if he could take me out when I arrived here. He could be the one; I do fancy him quite a bit.

And what’s next for the GC then?

G: I see myself in EastEnders, babe. I’d go into the Queen Vic and say ‘Get outta my pub!’ to Danny Dyer. Then we’d have a little fight and fall in love. That’s my dream!

We better be invited to the wedding Gemma, just make sure it’s P Diddy style!


TOWIE’s Gemma Collins weight loss: I had a hypno gastric band so I don’t end up in a wheelchair


Alice Perry