TOWIE lady Gemma Collins has spoken out after admitting that she’s fed up of people shaming curvy women

Plus-size TOWIE star Gemma Collins is on a mission to rid society of fat-shamers.

The 34-year-old Essex lady, who has released her own range of clothes for curvier females, has revealed that she’s ‘definitely waging a war’ on people who use offensive words towards women’s bodies.

Gemma admitted: ‘To see women being told they are ‘disgusting’ or ‘fat’ is horrifying really. It breaks my heart because these girls have a heart and feelings and insecurities – just like everyone else. How is it OK to knock them down?’

We definitely agree!

Speaking to The Daily Mail’s Femail, Gemma also explained that ‘it doesn’t matter what size you are,’ adding:

‘There are people out there that think just because it’s on social media they can tear you apart. I wonder what they look like? They’re not perfect, that’s for sure.’

Well said Gem!

The reality star has faced her fair share of criticism and back in January Katie Hopkins actually described Gemma as ‘fat’ whilst she was in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Gemma hit back and took to Twitter writing:

‘I swear Katie Hopkins fancies me!! Omg why does she keep going on about me she’s an actual bully keep bringing my name up! Come see me.’


Gemma has always supported plus-size women and was even involved in the recent social media campaign, #curvee, where women shared photos showing off their amazing curves.

Speaking about the campaign, Gemma admitted that some of the comments received weren’t too nice.

‘I put up a picture on my Instagram in support of #curvee showing girls that inspired me and the comments were vile calling them things like ‘obese’ and ‘lazy’. It’s not correct and it’s not fair,’ revealed Gem.

Speaking about her new range of clothes which she describes as her ‘best collection so far’, Gemma explained that she wants women to feel ‘like a million bucks’.

‘My new collection is so much fun. There’s prints, there’s mini dresses and there’s the opportunity to really show your personality with your style, which is what plus-size women deserve,’ said Gem, adding:

‘I’ve really gone outside of my comfort zone and it’s going amazing.’

We hope Gemma can sort out those body-shamers. No-one deserves to receive any sort of body abuse.


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