Gemma Collins has revealed the reason behind her quitting Towie...

Just when you thought Gemma Collins was completely done with TOWIE– having left the show with nothing but the echoes of her past strops and perhaps the faint smell of fake tan- she only goes and drops one last bombshell.

This last bombshell, however, is rather unlike the usual GC form. And that is because this last bombshell reveals a much softer, more vulnerable side to the feisty star.

Gemma has spoken out about her reasons for quitting the show-which surprisingly don’t involve Bobby and his Marbs mankini (you know the one, looks a bit like a hammock…).

Speaking to The Daily Star, Gemma admits a main reason she finally called it curtains on the show was the unfortunate amount of online abuse she received, ‘To be honest all the abuse on social media was a big reason. People think I’m tough as nails but I’m soft as s**t at the end of the day’.

This amount of online turmoil was causing the star an incredible amount of stress, ‘I would look in the mirror and wonder who I was. There was so much pressure.’

GC continued, ‘I understand I came across as a b**ch the way it was edited but I didn’t deserve all the abuse’ before adding ‘I used to be in bits before filming or going out. My guts were in bits and I was never off the toilet’.

Gemma first considered going TOWIE cold turkey after her brother received a (not so) cryptic message from a psychic, who told him ‘his sister was under pressure and was going to walk away from something’.

Since then, Gemma has been filling the hole left in her life from the lack of fake eyelashes with a good old bit of fruit. The 34-year-old has just endured a 28-day juice holiday in Portugal, in the aims of slimming down from a size 18 to a 14. Well, you know what they say- an apple a day keeps the TOWIE away…

And those concerned with when the GC will next grace our TV screens can rest assured, as it seems the Essex gal’ has some VERY big plans to take over a certain East End pub…

Alice Perry