James 'Arg' Argent promises he won't fall off the wagon

He spent last Christmas in rehab, recovering from anxiety and the results of his excessive partying.

So it’s little wonder TOWIE star Lydia Bright was worried when boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent was caught drinking alcohol again during the show’s filming in Marbella.

But Arg would like to make it clear to fans that he has everything under control after his 28-day programme at The Priory helped him feel strong enough to not return to his old partying ways.

The singer told The Daily Star on Sunday: ‘I was never an alcoholic. My problems weren’t specific to alcohol. It was more a lifestyle change.’

Arg, whose treatment  is believed to have cost £30,000, added: ‘I need to worry if I want to go out every night of the week waiting to get out of my face, which I am nowhere near considering.

‘I couldn’t be further from it.’

Last Christmas, the TOWIE star booked himself in at The Priory. Speaking about his brave decision he told Now the reason he felt he needed to get help: ‘The truth is, I changed. When I started on the show I had Lydia, she was the love of my life and I was happy.

‘But when TOWIE got so big, all of a sudden people knew who I was, I was getting invited to places, I was making money and girls were throwing themselves at me. I’d never had any of that before and I loved it all. I became arrogant. I was really popular and I started to think Lydia was lucky to have me. I was an absolute idiot, but I fell for all the flattery, all the attention. I couldn’t get enough.’

He spent Christmas Day and his 27th birthday in The Priory, later saying: ‘It was the best decision I’ve ever made.’

Proving that he’d do anything to prevent falling off the wagon he added: ‘When you’re having treatment you learn how to prevent yourself going back to where you were.’

But one person who may need more convincing is his childhood sweetheart Lydia, who was far from pleased with his decision to have a drink. Arg was spotted drinking vodka at a club opening in Marbella which made Lydia storm out in tears.

The couple split up in 2012 but reunited again at the start of this year, with Arg describing her as the love of his life.