Looking good in Marbs doesn’t come cheap for the TOWIE gang…

With gorgeous girlfriend Lydia Bright by his side and a healthy new outlook post-rehab, it’s no wonder James ‘Arg’ Argent has got a glow about him.

But it turns out that it’s not all down to natural exuberance. Before the TOWIE gang embarked on their traditional trip to Marbella this week, Arg made sure he was looking his best by spending a whopping £1,030.14 on beauty and body treatments. Woah!

Figures obtained from looking at the cast’s Twitter and Instagram feeds show that Arg, 27, was actually the second highest spender when it came to splashing out on pampering pre-Marbs, with his money going on a variety of treatments.

Arg’s biggest expense was on personal training with Mitch Baldock, which is estimated at £900 for the two and a half weeks of sessions. No wonder he’s working such a great body!

He’s also been using Cocowhite – a coconut oil pulling for whitening teeth – that comes to £19.99, whilst the total price of the Hairburst vitamins he’s been taking stands at £70.99.

Then there’s a trip to Sharpes Barbers estimated at £30 and a further £9.16 on BlackLabel Grooming hair products. Blimey, James, you didn’t hold back, did you?

Arg’s expenditure is over double that of girlfriend Lydia, who is believed to have spent £492.99 on getting glamorous for Marbs.

In fact the TOWIE boys in general spent far more than the girls when it came to pre-holiday pampering. The highest spender of all was Lewis Bloor with an eye-watering bill of £2,048!

During May Lewis splashed out £1,598 on Lipoglaze fat freezing sessions at LoveLite on London’s Harley Street to contour his tummy and reduce his love handles. He also spent £450 on Skinbreeze facials at Premier Laser Clinic in Soho to get rid of his spots and isn’t embarrassed to admit to what he’s had done either.

‘There’s nothing wrong with a man wanting to look his best,’ the Essex boy says.

Danielle Armstrong ranks third in the TOWIE big spenders chart, having racked up £790 worth of treatments, closely followed by Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris.

Forget ‘no carbs before Marbs’ – the pre-holiday preparation these days is WAY more serious (and expensive)!

The TOWIE in Marbella special airs on Sunday 14 June at 10pm on ITVBe. In the meantime, check out the full list of TOWIE’s beauty and body treatment spenders…

Lewis Bloor £2,048
James Argent £1.030.14
Danielle Armstrong £790
Gemma Collins £715.99
Bobby Norris £703.49
Lydia-Rose Bright £492.99
Jess Wright £315
Tommy Mallet £200
Chloe Lewis £185
Chloe Sims £160

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