As TOWIE’s James Argent celebrates six months’ sobriety, we look at his lifelong struggles

Last month James ‘Arg’ Argent insisted he’d committed to getting back 
in shape after going teetotal, explaining, ‘I’m around six months sober at the moment.’

But even after banning the booze, fitness and nutritional expert Laurel Alper advises, 
‘Arg needs to open up all his wounds to address some of the issues that he’s talked about.’
A self-confessed yo-yo dieter – over the past 16 years, Arg, 31, has gone from having a ‘normal frame’ to bloating out in 2014.

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‘At my heaviest I weighed 
19½ stone,’ he said. ‘I’d still like to get a bit of weight off.’
From food binges to cruel taunts, it’s not easy being Arg…

Obesity abuse

The reality star has had more than his fair share of online trolling. He revealed, ‘People tweet me messages like, “You fat piece of s**t, what have you eaten today?”’ Although he tries to ‘laugh it off’ he admitted, ‘There have been times when 
it has hit my confidence.’

Binge struggles

The Essex boy makes an honest admission, 
‘I love food and have 
a huge appetite,’ and because he eats ‘to celebrate… and to comfort’, it’s become the norm for him to eat a fry-up for breakfast, followed by a pizza or burger for lunch, with dinner being an Indian or Chinese. He added, 
‘I can keep eating pizza even when it feels like 
I am full.’ But he can diet when he wants to – in 2012, Arg lost two stone in just six weeks before running the London Marathon 
and slimmed down following his Thailand rehab stint in 2017.

Dieting vs dating

‘I couldn’t see any reason to watch my weight because 
I didn’t have a girlfriend,’ Arg once said. But in the early days of dating the GC, he revealed, ‘If I stayed overnight she’d cook me the most enormous breakfasts… I almost got the impression that she was trying to fatten me up!’

His comfort cardigan?

If you’re wondering what’s going on with Arg’s cardi obsession, he admits his weight makes clothes shopping a ‘real drag’. His favourite shops like Topman only go up to size 36, but at his largest, Arg takes a 40in waist.