It sounds like Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright might have their hands full!

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright only tied the knot a couple of weeks ago but there’s already baby talk happening amongst their family members!

Mark’s sister Jessica Wright has been speaking about her brother’s fairytale romance with new wife Michelle and sounds excited by the prospect of them having kids – though she thinks the tots could be quite cheeky.

‘Oh, I know! And I bet they’ll be naughty as well,’ says Jess, 29.

‘Mark was a git when he was little and Michelle can be mischievous.’

Eek! Let’s hope that Mark and Michelle, both 28, are prepared for that! The couple have previously spoken of their desire to have children in the future so we look forward to seeing if Jessica’s theory is correct.

Jess gets on really well with new sister-in-law Michelle and is thrilled to see how the actress has made Mark happier than ever.

‘They are very in love,’ TOWIE star Jess says. ‘He just loves her so much!

‘I don’t know if she’s changed him as such, they love each other for who they are. And it’s just nice to see them so happy.

‘It’s rare to find in life the sort of love that they have and I’m so happy for them both.’

Jess – who split from Ricky Rayment last year after two and a half years together – hopes to be in a relationship similar to Mark and Michelle’s one day.

The Essex girl’s parents Carol and Big Mark have set a great example for their kids, having been married for a whopping 31 years, and it’s something that Jess definitely aspires to.

‘That’s the pedestal,’ she says. ‘My mum has four brothers and my dad has three, and every one of them are with their wives still. And so all of us cousins have a lot to live up to!

‘My mum and dad are still massively in love – if they touch, me and my sister [Natalya, 14] are like: “Urgh! Cringe! Please don’t do that!”

‘But seriously, I want the fairy tale they’ve had. I’m just not in a huge rush.’

Jess is keeping quiet about what’s happening with her own love life. Whilst her ex Ricky has been very open about his new relationship with Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson, Jess is much more coy.

‘I may have been seeing people, I may have met someone, but no one would know because I’m keeping it completely private,’ she tells Fabulous magazine.

‘OK, potentially yeah, but it’s early days. I’m absolutely not in a rush. It’s going to be kept under wraps for a while until I’m sure, put it that way.’

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