The new Mr and Mrs Wright are living it up on the final few days of their honeymoon but could the pitter-patter of tiny feet be on the way?

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan‘s wedding pictures were beautiful, weren’t they? The glimpses we’ve seen of their AMAZING honeymoon have been just as gorgeous too. So just think how adorable their kids might be!

Mark’s cheekbones + Michelle’s hair = wow, we can’t wait! And it turns out Mark and Michelle’s nearest and dearest can’t wait for a Mark Jr. Jr. or a Mini ‘Chelle either!

Speaking to Now at our Smart Girls Fake It summer party, in association with Superdrug, Mark’s cousin Leah Wright told us her and the family have their fingers crossed for a new addition to the family.

‘Mark and Michelle’s wedding was stunningly beautiful,’ Leah said. ‘I’m waiting for them to come back from honeymoon and I’m just hoping and praying that the first thing they say is: ‘I’m pregnant’ but I don’t know. That would be nice. They would have the most gorgeous children, wouldn’t they?

‘We’re all waiting for it like this,’ she said, crossing her fingers.

‘I’m not sure it’ll happen that quickly though,’ she added. ‘If Mark has his way, they’d have kids as soon as possible, but I think Michelle’s got a few things she wants to do before. She’s quite career driven. I really respect Michelle because she really wants to do things in her life and tick things off her list before doing something like having kids. But they have the perfect life, the perfect house and I think they’ll do everything the right way, or the Wright way!

‘When they do decide to have kids I’m sure everyone will know. It’ll be like the Essex royal baby, HRH Essex.’

Watch out Princess Charlotte, it seems you may have some competition on your hands soon!

Mark and his new wife, Michelle, both 28, are currently enjoying the last days of their honeymoon in Dubai with their family. Mark posted a hilarious video of the gang at a water park on Tuesday.

But the honeymoon hasn’t been all perfect. Mark’s ex, Lauren Goodger, is also in Dubai on holiday and it’s got Mark’s back up.

Fed up of her speaking about their past Mark wrote on Twitter…


Maybe forget about all that Mark, and focus on those gorgeous babies, instead!

Lydia Southern