TOWIE's Lydia Bright talks wedding plans, some pretty lavish gifts and taking life a bit more seriously…

We’ve always known TOWIE’s Lydia Bright is a down-to-earth sorta girl, but when we caught up with the Essex local recently, we realised just how normal she really is. Despite being a mega-famous reality star and co-owner of successful vintage boutique Bella Sorella, 25-year-old Lydia is, quite simply, lovely. With plans to marry her co-star boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent, 27, you’d be inclined to think she wants big rings and expensive things, but as Now discovered, that couldn’t be further from the truth…


Hi Lydia! We’re excited that you and Arg have talked about marriage being on the cards soon. Are you hoping for a bling ring?
Actually, I’m not really interested in having a £30,000 ring – I’d be happy with a £100 one. I’m not really into diamonds since I watched the film Blood Diamond! I’d like my wedding to be quite big, but I’m not really into a massive ring.

Do you think Arg will sing at the wedding?
I don’t know. He’s an amazing singer so he’d probably serenade me at some point, I’m sure!

You’ve teamed up with Santander to launch a new banking app, like a digital version of a kitty. Do you and Arg split things equally?
We do actually. We split absolutely everything – even holidays! I think moving forward we’ll buy a property and we’ll both invest the same money.

Ooh, so you’re going to buy a house together?
Yeah, maybe next year. We live at my house – it has two bedrooms and basically I converted the second bedroom into a walk-in dressing room with six wardrobes and a shoe wall. There’s no space for him whatsoever! Luckily, his mum and dad live five minutes from me so he can run back and bring day bags for his clothes.

What’s the most expensive thing Arg has ever bought you?
My Manolo Blahniks – they’re the ones that Mr Big proposes to Carrie Bradshaw with in Sex And The City. They stopped making them, so he contacted the factory and got them made – they set him back a lot. He buys me good gifts, I’ll give him credit for that!

Aww. Have you ever had a financial crisis?
Let me think… Oh, on my first ever girls holiday when I was 17, I did lose all of my money and I had to get my parents to transfer money to my friend’s account. Now when I go away I’m always the organiser, so when I went to Ibiza with Georgia [Kousoulou] and Chloe [Lewis] recently, everyone transferred £500 into my account to book everything and I organised all of the dinners and all of the clubs.

What would you spend your last fiver on?
Oh, I’d spend it on Essex pie, mash and liquor – my favourite meal ever! I think it’s just £3.50 for one pie and mash. It’s very cheap.

You’ve got a charity trek to Machu Picchu coming up with Ferne McCann. Are you excited?
Yeah, but I’m very nervous as well. I just got back from Italy on Sunday and I drank so much wine, ate so many carbs and didn’t really do much exercise! I’ve got just less than two weeks to hit it hard at the gym to get myself fit.

You’re doing it to raise money for breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel. Why did you decide to support that cause?
I’ve had breast cancer in my family. One of my aunts sadly passed away – she was only 42. I think cancer in general is something that’s rife in most people’s families. So far we’ve managed to raise just under £9,000.

Are you going to miss Arg when you’re away?
Yeah I will, but it’s 10 days so it’s not that long and I’m around lots of girls so I’m sure we’ll all be chatting and keeping each other company.

Santander’s new KiTTi app is available to download  for free on iTunes


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