She just uploaded a snap to Instagram and omg cuteness overload.


Lydia Bright just won the trophy for cutest celeb throwback photo of the week with this immensely heartwarming snap of her posing with her dad and TOWIE newcomer Liam Blackwell.

The pic shows a very blonde Lydia playing with her hair whilst whilst sitting on her dad’s lap with Liam who appears to be wearing possibly the best old-school jumper of all time. Good work, Liam.

Lydia captioned the Instagram image: ‘#TBT me and @liam_gatsby way back in the day with Daddy Brighty. Always by my side <3’


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Daddy Brighty, otherwise known as Dave Bright, has never made an appearance on The Only Way Is Essex, but is very much still with Lydia’s mum Debbie and has been for 35 years.

He’s shunned away from the limelight and instead focuses on helping Debbie look after their foster children.

This isn’t the first Instagram snap from Ms Bright to catch our attention this week either – the TV star uploaded a photo yesterday that sent her fans into overdrive.

It showed a close up of Lydia’s clasped hands, possibly on her stomach, and featured a diamond ring which sparked speculation that she was pregnant and/or engaged. Oo-er.

She’s since deleted the photo, and according to reports is currently split from on-again, off-again TOWIE boyfriend Arg.

We can’t wait to hear what comes next in this story…

Watch the video below of lydia and mum Debbie getting glammed up for a photoshoot.