Who else wishes they were Megan McKenna today?!

When you’re fit, beautiful and a bronzed goddess 24/7 (hello unfairly nice genes), we could imagine that every day feels like your birthday… right, Megan Mckenna?!

*Sigh* Just look at that glow. Bet it’s not even from a bottle, the jammy lass.

So, our favourite TOWIE ‘gal is back overseas sunning herself up and currently celebrating her birthday- and boyfriend Pete Wicks has more than pulled out all the stops.

Get a load of this, peoples…


Captioned, ‘I can’t explain what an amazing boyfriend I have! This has been the best birthday I’ve ever had and i can’t get over how much this boy has spoilt me…. Im speechless! I love you’, we’re thinking the ol’ pirate Pete deserves a high five AND a low five for this one. Nice work, ‘fella.

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So, what about next years birthday Pete?! We think Danni has the right idea with this one…

Megs also shared a video of her new timepiece, which she captioned ‘I’m sorry but the video is being put on…. Ahhhhhhhh I have the most amazing boyfriend! #spoiltgirl’.

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Just in case Pete hasn’t managed to make you cry/scream/explode/all of the above, hold your horses- it gets *even* better. In fact, the Essex chap also took to Instagram to share an adorable birthday tribute to his lady which reads ‘Happy birthday to my best friend, girlfriend and the bird that makes me a better geezer… @megan_mckenna_’.

Someone give this man a ‘proper dece boyfriend’ award, and sharpish.

The genetically blessed twosome have been dating since March of this year. However, the couple were chucked quite a few relationship hurdles during the last season of TOWIE, as Megs was repeatedly accused of sleeping with Jake Hall whilst he was still in a relationship with Chloe Lewis.

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However, Megs and Pete managed to tough it out and fans were delighted when they (finally) confessed their love for each other during the season finale of TOWIE.

To give away a watch like that? It must be love.

Happy birthday Meg!

Alice Perry