TOWIE's Tommy Mallet on his secret wedding plans with girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou


Hi Tommy! What did you do for Valentine’s Day?
I took Georgia [Kousoulou] to the theatre to see Thriller. I’d never been to the theatre before.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?
The only Valentine’s I’ve ever celebrated was with Georgia last year and I closed my club Circuit and cooked her a meal. I’m not really into romantic shit, to be honest with you. I am now with Georgia, though – romance is my middle name, baby!

Is that because you’ve met ‘the one’ now?
Something like that, yeah.

Was it love at first sight?
Yeah. We met in Ibiza in 2014 and we’ve spent every night together since – we’ve only had a couple of nights apart. I’m not like the other boys – lying, cheating scumbags! I don’t go out drinking any more – I gave that up.

Why did you give up drinking?
Because I’m focused in life. I don’t want to get in any more trouble, man. I’m a nightmare when I drink.

You’ve said you want to propose to Georgia…
I’m not going to propose on the show but I’ll throw an engagement party. It’ll be an Irish-Greek wedding. My family is Irish and hers is Greek. My mum and dad got married on telly – on a BBC show called Love Town in 1999. They ran away to Gretna Green and got married, but my mum turned up with a bus load of people from Ireland.

That’s amazing! Would you get married on TV?
Yeah. Just not the engagement because that’s so much more personal. I’m not just getting married to Georgia for a scene on the show like everyone else does. My family ain’t bothered about fame – it’s the last thing they want. The marriage just happened at the right time.
They won’t come on TOWIE or anything.

You’re very successful with your nightclub businesses. Have you got a budget in mind for your wedding?
No – if I’ve got it, I spend it! I was thinking I’d like to do a party and hire a PJ [private jet] out to Santorini or something – with a quick stop off in Ibiza for all our pals. Georgia’s friends date my friends, so it would be good. Her old man will be paying for the wedding, anyway! Normally, I fly economy. I like to be in the mix and hear people moaning about their food and arguments about people putting their seats back.

Could you beat Arg and Lydia down the aisle?
Yeah, we will do. Georgia told me I wasn’t allowed to propose on her birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day because it’s already an occasion. F*** that, she’s getting it on her birthday or Christmas and that’s it! We’ll have our own show – like Sam Faiers’ The Baby Diaries. If things go to plan, we’ll get engaged this year.

Who would you snog, marry and avoid with the TOWIE girls?
Snog Georgia, marry Georgia – and avoid Georgia when she’s got the hump!

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Amy Brookbanks