As the socialite admits it’s not what but who you know…

When Mark Wright started his new LA job last month as co-host of EXTRA TV, it wasn’t long before he admitted he had started having elocution lessons to soften his Essex accent.

But TOWIE’s Vas Morgan, who is already a big success Stateside, attending numerous parties and hanging out with his A-List pals including Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan the Kardashians, admits an accent helps you stand out in the States.

Speaking exclusively to Now at the Cantina Laredo launch party in London, Vas said: ‘No [I don’t think you need to lose your accent to make it big] I think it helps you more to have your accent in America.’

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And although Vas admits he hasn’t seen Mark’s introductory showreel, which describes him as a ‘soccer hero’ and ‘one of the biggest stars in the UK’ , nor the bizarre accent in his latest interviews, he added: ‘I wish him all the best out there he’s a small fish in a big pond.’

Vas, who has launched his new magazine TINGS here in the UK, explained how he made it big in America, he said: ‘I was going there since I was 18-years old and I have friends there who have helped me out a lot, I do think LA is a lot of who you know and not what you know and I was lucky to have a lot of friends that helped me out, out there.’

And he says that starring on the ITVbe reality show hasn’t hindered his career. He explained: ‘I don’t get tarnished by that [TOWIE] brush, I’ve always had a life outside the show. I joined the show because Lauren [Pope] was my best friend, I was a fan of the show, she asked me to go on the show, I loved the production of the show so that’s why I joined the show.’