In their new series, they lay everything bare - and so do the couples they're helping

Trinny and Susannah are stripping off to encourage six couples to improve their marriages.

In their new show, they’re not just advising women with less than perfect figures how to make the most of what they’ve got, they’re dealing with their deepest feelings.

‘The show is much more emotional now,’ explains Susannah, 45. ‘It’s a journey, but it is still about clothes, too.’

And the plummy pair are prepared to talk about niggles in their own happy marital relationships.

In an interview with The Mirror, 41-year-old Trinny confesses that husband John Elichaoff’s drinking drives her mad – he just won’t stop swigging Ribena.

‘He has about 300 litres a day and I tell him, “Johny you shouldn’t drink so much sugar”,’ she says. ‘Maybe I should button my lip more.’

And the girls don’t mind a bit that chef Gordon Ramsay named two of his pigs Trinny and Susannah – before they were slaughtered.

Susannah, whose children go to the same school as Gordon’s says: ‘His wife Tana came rushing up to me to say, “I’m so sorry. I told him not to do it”.

‘She said she’d told Janet Street- Porter, who’d said that we’d find it “f***ing hilarious”, which we did.’

Trinny And Susannah Undress starts tonight at 8pm on ITV1

Louise Cooper