TV presenters say they help people face facts

Trinny and Susannah say they don’t feel guilty about making women burst into tears.

‘Things have got to come out in life,’ Trinny Woodall, 43, says. ‘Only when they come out and you face them do you move on.’

Susannah Constantine, 45, is also unrepentant.

‘I don’t think it’s what we say that makes women cry,’ she insists. ‘It’s the realisation of something about themselves that we act as a conduit.’

The fashion gurus, whose new ITV series Undress The Nation is on Wednesdays at 8pm, maintain they don’t intend to upset those featured on their shows.

‘It’s not that we go, “You are a fat, ugly c**t and there’s nothing you can do about yourself’,’ Susannah tells G2 magazine. ‘We love women.’

Hannah Claxton