After coming close to ending it all, Tulisa Contostavlos is fighting back

Calling herself the Female Boss, Tulisa‘s always played up her image as a tough girl unfazed by anything. Yet after more than a year of waiting to find out if she’d be jailed for allegedly offering to procure cocaine for an undercover journalist, during her recent trial things got so bleak that she even considered killing herself.

But it wasn’t the first time. In fact it was the third attempt Tulisa, 26, has made to take her own life.

Now the star, who’s sold millions of records, written a best-selling book, won four MOBOs and been the winning judge on X Factor with Little Mix, is plotting her mega comeback with acting roles in the US, a new album and even a reality TV series in the pipeline.

And Now readers are right behind her – a whopping 93 per cent of you told us you expect Tulisa to make a successful comeback. So here’s hoping she can finally put her troubles behind her.

Dark past

Tulisa tried to kill herself twice as a teenager, once aged 14 and then again when she was 17. In last week’s hard-hitting BBC3 documentary The Price Of Fame, Tulisa admitted: ‘I act like I’m strong but I suffer from a lot of depression. The tape [her 2012 sex tape] was when it went wrong for me mentally.’

Since the show aired, it’s emerged that producers decided some footage was too disturbing to broadcast – film of an ambulance arriving at Tulisa’s flat last year after she overdosed on painkillers and vodka.

She admitted: ‘I’d had a drink, so everything felt even more intensified and, like an idiot, I don’t know what I was thinking. I felt like my life was over, like someone had taken my life away… There are different levels of depression – when I got low, I got really, really low.’


Tulisa’s mother Anne Byrne has schizoaffective disorder – a condition with symptoms similar to both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – which means Tulisa has a one in 10 chance of becoming mentally ill herself, compared to a one in 100 chance for most people.

‘The risk of me ever suffering from mental illness – that’s quite a lot for me to take on board,’ Tulisa’s said.

‘I’m not sure if I’m pushing myself to the limit at times.’

With a history of self-harming, Tulisa also admitted in her autobiography that she developed anxiety disorder dermatillomania and would ‘pick at her face for hours’. She saw a hypnotist to get it under control but used to harm herself with ‘knives, or scissors, or anything sharp I could find’.

After coming close to another suicide attempt during her recent trial, Tulisa’s now vowed to turn her life around.

‘I’m going to do so many things,’ she said.

‘I’m not going to play the whole hard, urban role. I’m just going to be myself and if it’s soft then, hey, judge me, go for it. I don’t care.’

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