It seemed like Tulisa was back on track after being acquitted of drug dealing charges last year. But she's now determined to clear her name after drink-driving arrest

Tulisa Contostavlos has vowed to clear her name after being arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

She was arrested on Friday (September 11) after crashing her Ferrari into another car outside Southgate tube station in north London, and and was breathalysed at the scene.

After failing the breath test, she was taken into police custody, where she was reportedly held for almost 22 hours.

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A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told the Mail Online: ‘Police were called shortly before midnight on Thursday to Southgate Underground Station following reports of two cars in collision. Officers and London Fire Brigade attended. There were no reported injuries. One of the drivers, a 27-year-old woman, was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and taken to an East London police station.’

But Tulisa’s friends have claimed that she drank a single vodka before driving her car to the shops, and is convinced that it wouldn’t be enough to put her over the limit.

‘Tulisa had just one drink, a vodka, and it was only a few minutes earlier – but she needed to pop to the shops for a few bits. She was careful not to have another drink and jumped into the car,’ the source said.

She’s now reportedly turning to lawyers to help her clear her name. ‘She is completely convinced she hadn’t drunk too much to drive,’ the source added. ‘Now she has to wait to find out the results of the sample [taken while she was at the police station].’

It looks like Tulisa’s troubles aren’t over yet…