Actress, Ruth Wilson, opens up about her childhood, and has her say on surgery rumours...

She won a Golden Globe Award for her performance as Alison Bailey in American TV show The Affair earlier this year, and British actress Ruth Wilson has opened up about drawing on her own personal experiences to play the role.

The 33-year-old admits she identifies with Alison, the married waitress who embarks on an affair with a teacher.

‘I so identify with Alison and the idea of wanting to escape a world that’s claustrophobic,’ she laments.

‘I came from a very small town (Shepperton in Surrey) and I was desperate to get out of that environment. There have been moments in my life as a teenage when there are self-destructive things you do to prevent yourself dealing with an issue in front of you,’ the star explains.

Ruth also revealed the long periods she spend away from her south London home filming and performing on stage in theatres in America sometimes makes her feel homesick. ‘I always think of home when I’m away and the thought of home something makes me cry… just the word ‘home’ makes me emotional.’

The pretty brunette, who starred alongside Idris Elba in TV’s Luther, further put to bed rumours that she’s had surgery on her lips, explaining her protruding top lip it’s a family trait. ‘I remember reading somewhere, ‘Oh, there’s too much collagen in those lip.’ There’s no collagen, I’m afraid they’re au naturel.’

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, the star recently denied a romance with her Broadway play Constellations’ co-star Jake Gyllenhaal after they were allegedly spotted kissing at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. ‘I’m not dating Jake Gyllenhaal. Every man in any show I do, I get aligned with having a relationship with. It’s just people bored and trying to create a story.’

We still think they’d make a really cute couple!

Lisa Blake